My Malu

This Spirit, did not examine bloodlines, or add up years spent, nor tally words learnt. This identity, called like a lover, impossible to resist. It stood at the door and knocked. It asked only of the heart, and waited for just one word. And with my Yes, came freedom. Unexpected. Arresting. Because I have listenedContinue reading “My Malu”


When the road is dusty, narrow and endless, stop looking for the big answer. The finish line is too far away.  Start looking for the small, repetitive, encouragements. Name them, write them down, gather them close.  THIS is what ushers in the new season, the path to the new horizon. When there is no reliefContinue reading “HOW TO USHER IN A NEW SEASON”

The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness

Diving deep into more of the same sameness  Life is nothing more than repetition  The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness Endless doing over Sleep, food, love, work,  Repeat  What sameness will sweep us up until all the hours are gone? The choices we have chosen Everything and nothing The endless doing overContinue reading “The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness”

How to hear your hearts desire

It’s true, she said, your heart can’t lie. But have you noticed? Noticed what?  In order to hear your hearts desire, you need to get really quiet.  That makes sense.  It’s not the beat that you need to listen to. It’s the sound in between. That’s where the truth lies. Deep and in between. NotContinue reading “How to hear your hearts desire”