How to hear your hearts desire

It’s true, she said, your heart can’t lie. But have you noticed?

Noticed what? 

In order to hear your hearts desire, you need to get really quiet. 

That makes sense. 

It’s not the beat that you need to listen to. It’s the sound in between. That’s where the truth lies. Deep and in between. Not the thump and flare and noise. Not the pound. The lump swallowed deep and stuck. Or the flutter sweet and welcome. All of that is just distraction. Or reaction. It’s life not truth. 

Her eyes hold mine until I nod. 

It’s that brief space, that impossible moment where it can all just stop. And what if it does?What if that was the last beat of your heart? 

I wait, breath held tight. 

Well, she said, in that space. In that moment. You will know what matters. You will know the truth. You will know it exists. It’s just very hard to hear. 

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