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Spider Story is about the search for meaning in ordinary life and the journey that must be taken to discover purpose and fulfillment.

Bored and discontent with his safe ordinary life, Leni fears he is destined to repeat the monotonous story of every spider that has gone before him. He dreams of life much bigger than the one he was born to. He dreams of adventure, acceptance, and finding his power. Leni’s search for meaning and reason sends him far from home. Truths he once held tight are shattered, lies he once believed, stripped bare.

Thirteen year old Florence doesn’t want reasons; she needs answers. About her father’s death, her mother’s fierce anger, and about meeting an Angel.

Florence knows answers change things, and everything is about to change.

As she wrestles with her father’s sudden death and her mother’s bitterness, Florence begins to see life beyond her own needs. In her tenuous friendship with Max, she finds the courage to ask an even bigger question: is God real? Both Max and her mother are quick to provide their own answers to this deep question, but that’s not enough for Florence. She needs to discover the answer for herself, and that journey will test everything she’s ever thought to be true.