Heard above minds restless din, so loud it is the only voice.

The beat, the words, the spirit, yes – LOUD MUSIC HELPS. Heard above minds restless din. So loud it is the only voice. Invited in, given space. Respite hallelujah. Loud music lifts soul up, hands raised closer to the light. Heart pages empty – waiting to receive. Minds sky door – waiting for the knock. YesContinue reading “Heard above minds restless din, so loud it is the only voice.”

The Space Between Breaths

You have to be still to notice stillness. The space between breaths. The gentleness of God whispers.  You have to stop to hear the heartbeat.  Surrender to the moment, this one, right now. Fully aware, in tune, in sync, eyes wide open, heart flung free.  The presence of God. His presence, soft and peaceful. HisContinue reading “The Space Between Breaths”