The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness

Diving deep into more of the same sameness  Life is nothing more than repetition  The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness Endless doing over Sleep, food, love, work,  Repeat  What sameness will sweep us up until all the hours are gone? The choices we have chosen Everything and nothing The endless doing overContinue reading “The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness”

I Need Reminding

I need reminding. The glow of inspiration fades and I am left empty. I need reminding. Often. The hunger for more and the path towards it grows dim and blurry. I am lost and need reminding. The flash of light that illuminates truth, flickers and dies in the monotony of daily life. I am leftContinue reading “I Need Reminding”

Varieties of Fear

Fleeting Fear. The kind that rushes in and out with equal speed and disregard for the immediate undoing of all peace and relaxation. This kind of Fear is childish in its approach but fortunately does not last for very long. Best handled by completely ignoring it and reminding yourself that it won’t last long. StubbornContinue reading “Varieties of Fear”