The Invisible Piper


Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper – Albert Einstein

What tune do you dance to?

Who is your invisible piper…………..and just how distant is he?

I want to do more than sway or tap my foot. I want to dance. Sometimes with abandon, sometimes with restraint. But always, always, with intention.

I want to hear the music, feel its pulse in my bones.

And, I want to know the Piper. His voice, his music, his rhythm. I want to be in harmony, seeking to hit the right note.

I want to listen too, let the music wash over.

Let the music take over.

The tune might be mysterious, I won’t always be able to name it- but truth dwells within the mystery, and I will listen until I find it.

I want to live dancing, fully alive, in tune and in sync with the Invisible Piper.

Mystery calls us deeper, captivates mind and spirit.

I will listen.

I will dance.

When we get stuck in a dark room, no hint of light, no spark of hope-that is when the music matters most.

When sight fails, when intellect falters, when faith seems weak-that is when we must close our eyes, breathe deep and listen.

Listen hard, and wait.

Wait to feel the rhythm swell, the beat deep.

Can you hear it?

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