Heard above minds restless din, so loud it is the only voice.

The beat, the words, the spirit, yes – LOUD MUSIC HELPS. Heard above minds restless din. So loud it is the only voice. Invited in, given space. Respite hallelujah. Loud music lifts soul up, hands raised closer to the light. Heart pages empty – waiting to receive. Minds sky door – waiting for the knock. YesContinue reading “Heard above minds restless din, so loud it is the only voice.”

Inspiration Seekers Wanted

I am pretty sure morning eyes should fly open eager. (More often than not.) I am pretty sure life abundant is not a bore. Spirit Life should quicken heart, lift feet, race pulse.  That’s what inspiration does. Inspiration = The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creativeContinue reading “Inspiration Seekers Wanted”