How to know the answer to every question and prayer you ever asked…..

Time answers all questions Exposes all truth With no way to cheat Or cajole Or manipulate Time is deaf to your pleas And prayers All truth and longed for answers Held and hidden Safe In time All things will be settled All questions will be answered All truth will be known

Passion Changes Everything – even if it’s only 1%

Flashes of truth and passion make me falter. Falter as I fold washing and make beds. Falter as I prepare meals and earn money. Can the two unite? Is it possible to live in this world, serving family and place, while also departing into the space where none of it matters? Can I be trueContinue reading “Passion Changes Everything – even if it’s only 1%”

Big Bang Theory – an altered perception

There is a winding path lined with splendid trees, no two the same. A path strewn with leaves of all colours and crackles, and the occasional tree root that yawns up through the damp earth. One has to be mindful, not only does it twist and turn, it is also surrounded by a forest fullContinue reading “Big Bang Theory – an altered perception”

Learning to Wait

This gift Wrapped tight, edges sealed, ribbon double knotted No clue No glimpse Impatience has me shake and squeeze, pick and scratch I want it now This gift This promise Now Not tomorrow When it’s ready Nor the next day When I’m ready I am of the now generation The I refuse to wait generationContinue reading “Learning to Wait”

I Need Reminding

I need reminding. The glow of inspiration fades and I am left empty. I need reminding. Often. The hunger for more and the path towards it grows dim and blurry. I am lost and need reminding. The flash of light that illuminates truth, flickers and dies in the monotony of daily life. I am leftContinue reading “I Need Reminding”

Mastering The Art of a Rush Free Day

TODAY, I will take my time. Today, I will stretch in bed and not leap out of it, or insist on making it before breakfast. Today, I will not make any to-do lists Today, I will not think too much about what I am going to do NEXT Today, I will ignore the anxiety thatContinue reading “Mastering The Art of a Rush Free Day”

Meaning collected, piece by tiny piece

Meaning collected Piece by tiny piece Fragments so small Only I can see Tiny little pieces All adding up to me Where does meaning hide Where does meaning sleep Is it clear to see Or is it hidden deep Can you see it lying there In dusty daily duties In ritual and chore Will youContinue reading “Meaning collected, piece by tiny piece”

This Day is Beauty

This day is beauty Don’t let it pass Without a pause Don’t let it fade Or get unmade This day is yours Look with wonder Watch with awe At each new thing This day will bring This day is fleeting Don’t let it slip Without a glance Without a pause Because this day This dayContinue reading “This Day is Beauty”

Hearing God’s Voice

God’s voice in the garden rises still She who has ears to hear, let him hear God’s voice in the garden, mingled with birdsong and dew God’s voice in the night breeze, full of familiar smells God’s voice in the echo of tragedy, in the hope of dawn God’s voice in the garden rises stillContinue reading “Hearing God’s Voice”