Wisdom has its way

Wisdom reminds me to pause in the midst. The midst of chaos. The midst of pain. The swirling depths that threaten loud.  Pause.  Notice.  Breathe.  And, marvel that I still can.  Yes, Wisdom cries clear and true. Wisdom asks me to listen to my own truth. The truth I share with others. The truth IContinue reading “Wisdom has its way”

Feed Faith Instead

This fearful thought, imaginings run wild. Fearful imaginings, scenarios and stories. What might be, and what might not. Night-time filled with twisting thoughts. Flipped over, worn smooth and dropped like knots dug deep. Ends that may come. Or not. Brain and heart collude, sleep denied, peace refused. Vain imaginings, fear flamed bright, fueled by thoughtContinue reading “Feed Faith Instead”