The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness

Diving deep into more of the same sameness  Life is nothing more than repetition  The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness Endless doing over Sleep, food, love, work,  Repeat  What sameness will sweep us up until all the hours are gone? The choices we have chosen Everything and nothing The endless doing overContinue reading “The never ending cycle of the same daily dayness”

Attention Seeks You (not the other way around)

I see you with your dancing smile and wide eyes  I see you with your history stretching way back to where it shouldn’t be  I see you with your hand extended and your heart outstretched  I see your broken spirit held together how no one knows  I see you haven’t shattered yet (and if youContinue reading “Attention Seeks You (not the other way around)”

How to hear your hearts desire

It’s true, she said, your heart can’t lie. But have you noticed? Noticed what?  In order to hear your hearts desire, you need to get really quiet.  That makes sense.  It’s not the beat that you need to listen to. It’s the sound in between. That’s where the truth lies. Deep and in between. NotContinue reading “How to hear your hearts desire”

Attention Seeker – woman with no name

Her blink was slow. So was the way she turned her head, waiting a beat for the rest of her body to catch up. A haze of numbness and all her edges sanded back. A combination of plastic surgery and medication. Impossible to guess her age, the slow motion aged her though, even more thanContinue reading “Attention Seeker – woman with no name”

Attention Seeker – and the lemon tree

My lemon tree is not beautiful. Nor is it bountiful. But this year, it grew a small crop of lemons.   Have you ever held a freshly picked lemon in two hands? Have you ever spent time just breathing it in? Five deep breaths to awaken more than just your nose.  The simple beauty andContinue reading “Attention Seeker – and the lemon tree”

How to know the answer to every question and prayer you ever asked…..

Time answers all questions Exposes all truth With no way to cheat Or cajole Or manipulate Time is deaf to your pleas And prayers All truth and longed for answers Held and hidden Safe In time All things will be settled All questions will be answered All truth will be known

Passion Changes Everything – even if it’s only 1%

Flashes of truth and passion make me falter. Falter as I fold washing and make beds. Falter as I prepare meals and earn money. Can the two unite? Is it possible to live in this world, serving family and place, while also departing into the space where none of it matters? Can I be trueContinue reading “Passion Changes Everything – even if it’s only 1%”