Big Bang Theory – an altered perception

There is a winding path lined with splendid trees, no two the same. A path strewn with leaves of all colours and crackles, and the occasional tree root that yawns up through the damp earth. One has to be mindful, not only does it twist and turn, it is also surrounded by a forest full of wild creatures that can be heard but not always seen. It is easy to get distracted, easy to stumble, or let fear begin to creep into tired feet.

The air is full of strange noises that sound much closer than they actually are. This path is one of adventure, mystery and danger.

But what if we could float high above it all, to glimpse the beautiful mysterious truth? That this whole journey, from beginning to end, sits quite safely in the palm of God. Exquisitely ordered, full of mystery and enchantment. There is nothing to fear.

We would see that life does indeed start with a Big Bang, and our purpose thereafter, is to regather all the pieces. Some are stumbled upon, a few are gifted, others secured at great cost. Each bend in the road, each stretch of smooth terrain, each mountain, each stumble, each glorious view and shadowy hollow, all to be examined for the piece they are harbouring.

What will I find today, in this treasure hunt for all my scattered pieces? Pieces scattered in the beginning, by the cosmic explosion of birth.

Every piece of the puzzle, all that we will ever be needed, is out there, and our mission is to gather them again. To be whole.

As children we collect without hesitation, we search and delight in each new piece, each new truth that fits so well, we hold on tight and start becoming. Becoming whole. Becoming who we are meant to be. As adults we begin to falter, too busy trying to stay upright, trying to avoid the reality of howling wolves and stubbed toes. More concerned with navigating well, avoiding pain and hiding from fear, as if all the pieces have been found. As if we have enough and no more are needed.

So we might never find the piece that proves nothing can hurt us forever, and no pain is eternal. Or, we might miss the truth that even sadness can be beautiful. That healing can be found for every wound, and the greatest fear is still insignificant when reminded of the greatest love.

This path, of many bends, has moments at each turn, placed just so, and if we only stop and look, our perception might be altered. These moments are not hidden, they wait to be discovered. Another piece to find its home. Another fragment of the whole. A piece you need. A piece of you.

Moments that arrest our attention and alter our perception, maybe for a minute, or maybe for an ever. Mysterious invitations, truth and grace and the long way round to peace.

Is it one line of a song, or the way the beat drops? Perhaps a painting or conversation, a meeting of minds or eyes?

Notice the atoms gather, the missing pieces coming home again.

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