Learning to Wait

This gift

Wrapped tight, edges sealed, ribbon double knotted
No clue
No glimpse
Impatience has me shake and squeeze, pick and scratch

I want it now
This gift
This promise

Not tomorrow
When it’s ready
Nor the next day
When I’m ready
I am of the now generation
The I refuse to wait generation
The frustrated generation

I must know
All things
Just like God

And He says:

Why won’t you let the promise unfold in perfect timing?
Why do you desire to know now, what is meant to unfold like a gift?
Why do you rob yourself of the unfolding
The ritual of opening
The sweet pleasure of waiting

Is it true?
Have we forgotten the pleasure of waiting
The delicious hunger
Restraint rewarded

Why do we insist on knowing all the minutiae of that which does not concern us? Boundaries blurred

Can I learn to wait again

This gift
This promise
Needs to unfold like a flower
Cut early, impatience denies its true beauty
And fragrance unbidden
And full generous bloom
The final scattering of petals

And so
A promise forced
A gift opened early, will never satisfy the way it was meant to
Had you waited
Had you trusted
In timing

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