I Need Reminding

I need reminding.

The glow of inspiration fades and I am left empty.

I need reminding.

The hunger for more and the path towards it grows dim and blurry. I am lost and need reminding.

The flash of light that illuminates truth, flickers and dies in the monotony of daily life. I am left asking, fumbling for nothing in particular. That clean new truth with sharp glowing edges, now unrecognisable.

I need reminding.

To wake each day with light, lest I lose my way. And I will. And I have. Lost the truth that rests in my pocket. Lost in familiar lands. Hungry with food overflowing.

I need reminding.

Of why I breathe and wake each day, to walk the self same way. And so each day or hour, depending on the weather in my head, I will remind myself. I will set obstacles in my way, to trip and block my path.

I need reminding.
Often and loud.

Loud enough to silence the echo of questions asked.

I need reminding because truth and power are hard to hold on to. So is passion, and the glimpse of me that makes sense.

And, I need reminding.
So my whole heart might join in. So that I might be revived

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