Varieties of Joy

Fleeting Joy
This kind of joy needs to be recognised and grabbed hold of as soon as it appears. It is easy to ignore and might only last a split second, but if it can be captured, it has the very real possibility of turning into a Joy Surge (or in some instances Permanent Joy).

Timid Joy
This kind of joy has to be welcomed and encouraged. It is often associated with the hope one holds in something they are too scared to have faith in lest it not eventuate. Timid Joy will hide behind overly realist thinking until it either grows into Cultivated Joy or disappears altogether.

Joy Vapors
Similar to Fleeting Joy in that it can be easy to miss. Joy vapours are like gifts, offerings of Joy that float on the wind without rhyme or reason. They are free for the taking, if one cares to notice them. Those tuned in to the presence of Joy Vapors are likely to be optimists and people referred to as ‘blessed’ or ‘lucky’.

Contagious Joy
This kind of joy is experienced in groups or crowds of like-minded people enjoying a singular experience. It can also be enjoyed by simple and intentional acts, like watching a baby laugh and playing with animals – often associate with innocence.

Pretend Joy
The kind of Joy that we know isn’t real, but still allow to set pulse racing and adrenalin flowing. Brought on artificially by alcohol, drugs or sensory stimulation. Sought in activities that often rob peace of mind when the effect of Pretend Joy has worn off.

Uninvited Joy
Also know as Unexpected Joy. This kind of joy arrives when you least expect it. Usually in the midst of a difficult time when Joy seems quite unlikely (or even impossible). Uninvited Joy is usually associated with a spiritual experience or other inexplicable phenomenon.

Cultivated Joy
Also known as Intentional Joy. This kind of Joy can be created by acknowledging the good things in your life. Rolling those things over and over until Joy starts to brew. Just the smallest drop is often all that is needed to change the course of the day, to lift a blue mood or settle a grumbling heart.

Permanent Joy
This kind of joy lasts forever and is usually the result of certain hope, and can be conjured at any time. All one has to do is recall its seed and Joy enters in. Associated with the certainty of fulfilled expectation.

Joy Surge
Unexpected rush of joy for no apparent reason but usually the result of a sudden realization that harmony and peace are reigning in your life. In that particular moment you are one with all that is good in the universe and have an acute awareness of synchronicity.

Tainted Joy
Joy that walks had in hand with sadness. It cannot be enjoyed without a measure of pain. Usually associated with the death of a much loved person or pet. This kind of Joy is proof of unconditional love, shared history and loyalty.

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