Varieties of Fear

  • Fleeting Fear. The kind that rushes in and out with equal speed and disregard for the immediate undoing of all peace and relaxation. This kind of Fear is childish in its approach but fortunately does not last for very long. Best handled by completely ignoring it and reminding yourself that it won’t last long.
  • Stubborn Fear. Similar to Heavy Fear (see below) – but it resides higher up in the chest. It interferes with breathing and appetite. Its seed is usually a significant life altering event. Best remedy is Truth therapy.
  • Fear Vapors. The merest whiff and  remnant of Fear, but always enough to recall a few memories. Fear vapors cause us to worry that Fear on a larger scale could be just around the corner. This kind of Fear, though unassuming, must be ignored. It must not be entertained or given any time on the hearts stage. If you do, it will most certainly open the door to stronger forms of Fear. Handled similar to Fleeting Fear – the secret is to refuse to inhale or listen to its whisper.
  • Contagious Fear. This Fear is like a virus, spreading easily and without effort from one person to another. It is saved for high stress situations, where its effectiveness can control large groups of people with ease. Contagious Fear must be dealt with by gaining an understanding of the immediate danger and reconciling it with reality or making friends with death.
  • Heavy Fear. The kind that sinks and lodges deep. Very hard to shift although it can be ignored but only for limited periods of time.  It has long tendrils that wrap around every part of you, and is near impossible to disengage. The best way to tackle this Fear is to fully understand its initial seed (all Fear starts with a seed. Knowing the seed is the best way to find relief).
  • Pretend Fear. The kind that we know isn’t real, but still allow to set pulse racing and adrenalin flowing. Truth is the only respite.
  • Unreasonable Fear. This kind of Fear is out of proportion to the event or Seed that has birthed it. It is larger and louder than it should be, causing extreme reactions in its host as well as extreme reactions from those close to its host.
  • Ugly Fear. This Fear manifests itself outwardly. While most Fears can be kept well disguised on the inside of a person, ugly Fear cannot be veiled at all. It is loud and uncontrollable. It contorts facial features, posture and breath. It cannot be ignored and often becomes contagious if not brought under control. The only way to deal with Ugly Fear is to move through it, acknowledging each painful twisting as it takes hold. Eventually it will run its course, leaving you exhausted, but free.
  • Uninvited Fear. This Fear just turns up, usually at the worst possible time.. This kind of Fear causes us to question our state of being. Question our state of mind. Sometimes even our sanity. Be warned that this kind of Fear is very hard to find relief. One can only hope it will get bored and go and pester someone else. Although there will be a Seed, uninvited Fear is very good at finding the smallest, almost indiscernible event. Just the merest inkling is enough to set it free to grow until it is big enough to announce its  arrival in your life.
  • Unnamed Fear. Also known as Invisible Fear. This Fear is the cause of unexpected dark and cloudy days with no reason for the sun to be hidden, no reason for heart to be melancholy. This kind of Fear is the hardest to diagnose and the hardest to cure. This Fear has no obvious cause at all. It has no prompt and no agenda other than to set you off balance and cause unrest and confusion. A common cause for feeling blue, often mistaken for depression.


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