Bottled Awe – something to return to

Eyes wide open to gather deep the sights that thump my heart.
Ears strain to capture hard the sounds that thrill.

Bottle it.
Gather it.
Capture it.

Return to that moment, heart beat high and loud.

Return again to awe that ignites souls song.

Fingertips caress, and notice wild the truth of touch.
Tasting slow, teeth and tongue unite in wonder.

Awe is all around us. Free. Waiting.

Dare you pause to bottle just a little?
Dare you stop to gather a small reserve?
Dare you lie in wait to capture your fair share?

Feet slow on earths ancient crust, joining me with lives unknown and untold.
Music so loud no room is left for wandering, so loud we meet in the middle of bass and trill. So loud I am full and want for nothing.

Loyalty freely given, breathed deep and returned.

Breath sucked so deep it hurts, high on oxygen, high on reality.

Yes, it’s possible.

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