He has risen. Dare we rise too?

We hide from that which we are afraid.


We shield our hearts, and minds from what we are reluctant to face.

Conflict. Challenge. Discomfort.

Yet, through the crucifixion we must face fear, abandonment, selflessness, sacrifice – all that humans reject as too hard, too impossible, and too far removed.

Yet….be still and consider what the Prince of Love did. And if He, our example, our Hero, our Saviour, thought facing fear worthwhile, even necessary, then we must also.

Stripped bare. Exposed. Raw. Honest. The Crucifixion can be nothing but acid to flesh, truth revealed.


The resurrection life, is therefore, honest raw and open, with no time to waste.

He has risen. Dare we rise too?

Dare we take hold of transformation, deeply, with two hands grasping?

I say yes.

Resurrection truth is the only kind worth dying for. Dying to self and ancient rules. Dying to all but Christ love, and fears rejection.

Resurrection truth. Rising from death. Coming out of humility, abandonment, and swallowing confusion.

Resurrection is the ULTIMATE recovery, the ultimate healing, the ultimate survival – and it is ours if we choose.

Choose open eyes, heart and soul in unison. All open to God. Open to receiving deep and true.

To unlearn is forgiveness. To seek truth is acceptance. Acceptance that all is not perfect, until God says it is, (and He will, He does).

All is not truthful until the God light exposes acid stripped or softly torn.

Ahhhhhhh……..yes, let’s be honest about fear. Fear God, yet, do not be afraid.

Fear needs truths translation. Reverence to God is the beginning of wisdom. Serious.

Incompetence is fears best friend. Hand in hand they walk, snuggled close.

Sin is spiritual incompetence, missing the mark wide, and ignorant.

Seek God truth. The kind that cannot be dissected unto confusion. The kind that stands, regardless, centuries later. Stands the test of time. The test of years and question, still holding form and shape.

That is the test that proves.

One thought on “He has risen. Dare we rise too?

  1. And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you. Rom 8.11

    Fear is the frustrated attempt to control that which we cannot.

    If I haven’t already (tired mom here!), thank you for the follow. Thoughtful post. Diana

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