The Space Between Breaths

You have to be still to notice stillness. The space between breaths. The gentleness of God whispers. 

You have to stop to hear the heartbeat. 

Surrender to the moment, this one, right now. Fully aware, in tune, in sync, eyes wide open, heart flung free. 

The presence of God. His presence, soft and peaceful. His presence, still. 

My awareness is intentional and it takes practice. 

In this knowing moment, (which can be any moment, or every moment) I begin to see who I am in His sight. I see me as He does. And I begin. Begin to know calling, grace, purpose, truth. And love. The kind that falls heavy from above.

Cling to the moment ever longer, catch the next one, and the next. Gods resting place.  And He waits. Spirit power connects them all, and He waits. Waits for us to notice one moment, or the next. All of them, or just the few we pause for.

I want to be in the middle very. Not longing for tomorrow or lamenting yesterday. But in this one. 

This one. 

We catch glimpses and His Word sings true, aim sure. His voice lifts, surface bound. Yes – this is where I want to live. Curled deep, safe in awe. 

On threads of gold I catch God whispers. In the pause of breath I find rest.

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