Screwtape Moment

Ministry is simple. Everyone has the potential for a life changing, soul singing, heart bursting, ministry.

Ministry is KNOWING what you are good at, and DOING it with all your heart.

It makes sense then, that the enemy will do EVERYTHING he can to prevent this from happening.

Do you know what you are good at?

The enemy seeks to confuse, distract and muddy your understanding of talent, gift and skill. The enemy does not want you to find out what you are good at. He does not want you to KNOW and rest secure in the knowledge of your strengths.

There is strength and power in this knowing. The kind of power that changes lives and communities. The kind of power that reaches across borders.

Do you know what you are good at? Do you know, deep and true? The kind of knowing that no one can take from you, or distract you from?

The enemy wants you to discard it, ignore it, set it to one side – he wants to distract you, shift your focus onto to other gifts and other people. (Other people’s gifts – even better.)

The enemy wants to distort the value you place on your talents. He wants you to desire other gifts, other strengths and other talents. The enemy doesn’t want you to find any value in your strengths – because if you do, you just might start DOING it with all your heart.

If you do know what you’re good at, the enemy will seek to confuse and overload you. He will do anything at all to prevent you from actually DOING it.

It’s okay to just think about it, in fact, this is encouraged. Thinking lulls the believer into complacency – and this is exactly where the enemy wants you.

He will trick you down winding paths – anything to prevent active effort spent developing your gifts. From acting out Colossians 3.23 – and doing what we know we are good at with all of our heart.

Have you been Side-tracked?

Winston Churchill said – “Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.”

What do you work on without end?

Where do you try your hardest?

Have you unlocked your potential?

Have you begun your ministry?

Do you want to?

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