Feed Faith Instead

This fearful thought, imaginings run wild.

Fearful imaginings, scenarios and stories. What might be, and what might not.

Night-time filled with twisting thoughts. Flipped over, worn smooth and dropped like knots dug deep.

Ends that may come. Or not.

Brain and heart collude, sleep denied, peace refused.

Vain imaginings, fear flamed bright, fueled by thought and attention.

For he knoweth not that which shall be: for who can tell him when it shall be?-Ecclesiastes 8:7

Why flatter hard the fearful thought? Why give it such attention, such devotion? This end that may not be? This thing you knoweth not?

Why give precious time to what we knoweth not?

Why encourage that which may not be?

Why not wait and see?

Why not gather knowledge – instead of maybes that derail heart and gut.

Set your mind on what you know. List the facts. List them all.

It’s the untamed thought that feeds fear. The thought of what might be (but he knoweth not!).

What might happen, or what might not. The pain, the loss, the future grim. The vain imagining turned endless over.

Turn over facts instead. What you know. Gather knowledge, truth and wisdom.

There is no problem under Heaven that God has not already solved. There is no question He hasn’t already answered. He sees the beginning, the end, and the in-between.  And the best part? He dwells in me.

His Spirit Wisdom.

So the answers are within me.

Already. Mine.

I just have to uncover them.

Ask for revelation truth. Revelation wisdom.

Think on THAT! Not on what might be, (or what might not).

Please do not feed the fears. Or gift precious time to what you knoweth not.

Feed faith instead.

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